Row For Life make new record for 2011.

Thu 11 August 2011

10 Men, 1 Million Metres, 1 British Record Attempt… and lots of pain!


Many congratulations to the Row For Life team who beat their projected record time yesterday of 66 hours and 4 minutes.  Splitting into two teams of five, the guys were fast enough to row 5000 metres in under 20 minutes and nailed the 1 million metres in 65 hours, 52 minutes and 32 seconds!

row for life

Row For life has successfully raised money for the African Childrens’ Development Trust for 2 years with multiple team rowing events in 2009 and 2010.

row for life

Strictly adhering to the official Concept record guidelines, each member of the crew had to row the equivalent of 2 ½ marathons at maximum pace. In addition, they executed seamless, ‘formula one’ change overs, ensuring that the flywheel of the machines never stopped until the 1 Million metre distance was reached.

row for life


Martin Scotcher, of Row for Life, told us that the team consisted of four rowing club members and the rest were extremely keen sports enthusiasts.  He also told us that the crowd support in Cowes Yacht Haven was fantastic and so far, in excess of £2000.00 has already been raised in only two days of collecting. For more information please go to

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