Following the Government’s announcement last night and the start of National Lockdown – Stay at Home  we are circulating this update.  We know that you will be sensible and follow the new government guidelines with regards to staying at home, only travelling when it is essential and maintaining social distances, but now that we have entered a new lockdown period we have set up the following procedures:

·         Access to the site

o    General access to the site will be restricted to property tenants and contractors (whose business is working on boats) that wish to continue working during lockdown.
It is our understanding that owners should not be visiting their boats during this lockdown.  We encourage owners to adhere to Government rules for England requiring people to stay at home, except for specific purposes:

o    The vehicle gate is only open between 0900hrs 1700hrs.

o    Marina Walk passageway remains closed but can be opened using the usual code which has not changed.  If you need the code please reply to this email.  For the security of all please do not leave the gate open or give the code to anyone else.

o    We are closed to visiting boats and are not accepting overnight or short stay enquiries.

·         Security onsite

o    The site will be patrolled by members of staff and if any issues are found with your boat we will contact you by phone or email and update you of our actions.

o    Overnight security continues with random patrols being undertaken.

o    CCTV remains active and recording and can be accessed remotely.

·         Boatyard Operations

o    All of our boatyard operations continue as normal, and contractors with work permits are allowed to carry on working on site.  You may wish to refer to our “Boatyard Code of Conduct / Safe working practices” available for download from our website:

·         Contacting us

o    The CYH team are very much still working, with some members working from home.  The office remains open 0900hrs – 1700hrs and the main phone number 01983 299975 and VHF Channel 80 will be answered as normal.

o    Alternatively you can email us at [email protected]

o    This message will also be posted on our social media feeds.

o    If you need to reach any of the businesses that trade from the Cowes Yacht Haven site ( ) please contact them directly.

·         Taking exercise
We are all currently allowed to take exercise, but request that you don’t use the Cowes Yacht Haven site for this purpose.

·         Self-isolation

o    Please don’t self-isolate on your boat.

o    If you are self-isolating you will be much more comfortable at home.  The marina facilities (showers and toilets) are open for contractor use between 0900hrs and 1700hrs.

We will endeavour to send further updates as and when necessary or as circumstances change.  In the meantime, keep safe and we’ll see you soon.  Do contact us if you have any questions or queries.

Daniel Jehan
Managing Director
Cowes Yacht Haven