01983 299975




Cowes Yacht Haven is happy to accept overnight and short stay visits into the Marina.

Overnight visits
A limited number of berths are available to pre book by contacting the marina office via telephone 01983 299975 or [email protected] 

Short visits
The remainder of our visitor berths will be allocated on arrival, on a first come first serve basis. Please call our berthing team on VHF Ch80 as you approach the marina for berthing instructions should a berth be available.
Please note we do not take bookings for short stay berths. 

Rafting of vessels
At peak times it may be necessary for a berthing master to direct vessels to raft together.
It is recommended that the beam of the boat is the point of embarkation and disembarkation to/from the pontoon and access over the rafted vessel is taken via the bow as is the standard etiquette (see Fig 1).

As always please discuss these arrangements with the skipper of the vessel/s that you and your crew are boarding beforehand to establish a mutually acceptable agreement.

Fig 1.